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We presently have 1 full time missionary, and several volunteers from our local church.  We covet your prayers as we serve the community during this very difficult time in Ukraine.

Despite the ‘noise’, the center is open daily with kids enjoying, games, Bible classes, Sunday worship, weekly cooking classes, academic tutoring, English classes, and much more.   Internally Displaced people visit daily for help.

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Current URGENT Needs

05/14/2015 – funds to help with our work:  If you are in Ukraine, you can wire money directly into our account:  Privat Bank:  5168757222905434     In the U.S. please go to ‘how you can help’ in the above menu.

5/14/2015 – children’s clothing 0-10 (boys and girls), mens – all sizes up to 1X, tylenol/ibroprofen, sport shoes for men (black) and women (any).  We do not need ‘dress’ clothing or shoes, only sport and casual, no rips or tears.  Please contact us for more needs.

01/08/2015 – We continue to covet your prayers for the country of Ukraine, as we help the local children, and community deal with the unrest here.  Please contact us directly for specific areas of support.

(2015) As the ‘landscape’ of Ukraine has changed, and those we serve has expanded, we continue to share Jesus with not only orphans, but all people (the local poor, widows, invalids, single moms, large families, and soldiers) that cross our path.

Recent developments in the plight of orphans:

The UA government has decided that the best place for orphans is in a foster home.  They have decided by 2016 that all orphanages will be closed, and children without a medical diagnosis will be placed in foster homes.  Foster care parents will receive a stipend for their care of the children, in addition to receiving the childs’ monthly pension money.    As an advocate for orphans, we don’t think this is the best decision for orphans, but our hands are tied.  Only children with a diagnosed illness or disability will be housed in the single oblast orphanage/invalid house.   This change in policy for orphans will effect the future of adoptions in UA.  Foster parents will have a ‘voice’ in the adoption process; and we foresee ‘money’ playing an (unfortunate) role in this.  Additionally, thousands of people will be our of jobs, due to the closing of the facilities.  Many facilities are sending kids to central facilities and have already shut down.  Some slatted for closing Dec. 2013, but the plans is for all to be closed by 2016.  For more information on this, please contact us directly.


As laws in U.S. and U.A. are changing, the picture of international adoption will soon take on a different appearance.  After July 14, 2014, persons desiring to adoption internationally will be required to use a Hague accredited agency.  This will, more then likely increase fees, since there are fees associated with Hague accreditation, and those fees will be passed on to the consumer.   For a short time, Cornerstone Adoption Services, Inc. have reduced their fees for international adoption, providing an avenue for many people to adopt before this law is in place.  Please contact us directly for fees and more information.

Thank you for your continued generous support of this ministry – YOU are changing lives


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