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2Do you live in Florida and need your documents state authenticated? Here is the information you need.

Florida Capital Courier Service

Thank you for choosing Florida Capital Courier Service for your document messenger service. We specialize in hand carrying your important documents to the Secretary of State, for the purpose of attaining state notarization. We work only in the state of Florida, and are an owner operated company. Although we primarily focus on adoption dossier authentication’s, we can accommodate other commercial or personal documents for the purpose of state authentication.

What you can expect from us

Honesty, Integrity, Reliability: Because we live in the Florida Capital, your documents can be process the day they are received. We hand carry and wait for your documents to be processed, and promptly return them to you (same day service is available for documents received before 3 p.m.).

For documents received after 3:00 p.m., they are process the next working day, and are sent in your pre-paid envelope back to you that same day.

Personalized Service: Each person is important and so are their document(s). We understand that these documents can be of vital importance to a legal process, to a pending adoption, or to a number of other situations. FCCS is owner/operator, no one handles your documents but us.


  1. Include a second money order made out to: FCCS for the correct amount for courier service (see below for service fees) Place checks in envelope, seal and send
    • Mail all packages to (if item is NOT urgent):
      P. O. Box 14922
      Tallahassee, FL 32317
    • If documents are urgent – Fed Ex to:     
    • T. Fillmon –
    • 2330 Clare Drive
    • Tallahassee, FL  32309
    • Check the procedure for state document authentication at: and include a money order for the correct amount for your document processing
  1. Place your documents in the envelope
  2. Prepare a second envelope for your return documents, make sure you complete the billing information, or document(s) will not be returned to you.
  3. Prepare your document(s) for shipping, FedEx, UPS, Priority Overnight, etc.
  4. Make yourself a photocopy for your records
  5. Prepare your documents, make sure that your notary has a valid and readable stamp (do not smudge or embellish notary seal in any way)
  6. When you have sent your documents, please notify us, with a ‘urgent’ text message, so we can expect their delivery. e-mail us at: and  call us at: (850) 524-5437 (leave a message) We are not responsible for late documents if a reminder note has not be sent, as we are frequently ‘in the field’ working.


$50.00 – 1 – 5 documents
$80.00 – 6 documents and up, and complete dossier packets


If your documents are not correct, and we need to make a second trip, there is an additional $25.00 ‘trip charge’, plus the cost of the document stamp, and you will need to provide an additional pre-paid return envelope.

Customers Comments:

August 2011 – “My name is Allison and my husband and I are adopting a little girl from the Ukraine….. I first called Teresa, Executive Director of “His Kids Too”, to ask for her help in getting our documents apostilled. She went above and beyond to get my documents apostilled immediately and returned the same day…..”

“On several occasions FCCS has processed my apostilled documents with a same-day turnaround, a task virtually unheard of in the adoption process. They were professional and had excellent follow-up skills. They were prompt to return messages and answer questions. When it was time for my post-placement reports to be apostilled, I didn’t hesitate to use their services again. I will continue to use them for each PPR.” A Satisfied Customer K. Z.

“Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! Your service was great: on time and efficient. You have great communication skills and was able to help us out even when some technical deficiencies were found on our documents. I would recommend your services anytime!!” Bea G.


“Extremely efficient and reliable, will use again it the need arises.”   Connie P.


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