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Hosea 14:3 “For in You the orphan finds mercy”

Since 2002, His Kids Too! has provided adoption grants for those families adopting internationally . Hundreds of families have received well over 100K in grants, benefiting their Godly desire to provide a loving home for an orphan child. We have recently revised our program to allow donors to make donations directly to His Kids Too! requesting that a family benefit from their tax deductible donation. All donations over $25.00 qualify for tax credit.

Below are our present families, using licensed adoption agencies to assist them with their international adoption. His Kids Too! believes that it is critical that grant recipients use licensed agencies due to (unfortunately) the vast amount of corruption in international adoption. As a donor, you may read each profile, pray over them, and if you desire, make a tax deductible donation, via on-line, or via postal service:
His Kids Too!
219 – B Delta Ct.
Tallahassee, FL 32303

Attention: Grants

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We ask, that you include a note requesting that your donation benefit a specific family or any family. His Kids Too! will notify each family of their growing grant, and you will see any updates under each family. The beauty of this program is that the funds are with the family, so that they may choose any international orphan to adopt. If something unexpected occurs to the original child they desire to adopt, the funds stay with the family to adopt another child. As long as the child is in a country other then the U.S., families may use their grant funds to assist with that adoption. If the adoption does not take place at all, donors are notified and given options for their donation.